'Coronation Street': Kirsty to face police questioning?

Coronation Street's Kirsty Soames will be quizzed by police after a nasty incident involving her new enemy Fiz Stape, a report has claimed.

Kirsty’s latest feud is expected to intensify in the coming weeks when she discovers that Fiz knows the truth about her violence towards partner Tyrone Dobbs.

Natalie Gumede

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Fiz Stape from Coronation Street


According to the Daily Star, an upcoming episode sees Fiz attempt to fix her machine at the factory when it breaks - only to get her hand trapped when Kirsty (Natalie Gumede) switches the power back on.

Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) apparently needs emergency medical attention due to the bloody injury - and soon starts spreading the word that Kirsty harmed her on purpose.

She is quoted as telling Tyrone (Alan Halsall): “Kirsty said she didn’t do it and you might believe her, but in your head I don’t think you do. What’s she going to do next? She injured you and now she’s injured me. Who’s going to be next, Ruby?”

Alan Halsall at Tyrone Dobbs (Coronation Street)


Marc Baylis (Rob Donovan)


Reports suggest that Kirsty protests her innocence to police after Fiz makes a formal complaint about her. To Fiz’s dismay, her boss Rob Donovan (Marc Baylis) also backs up Kirsty in front of the police officers.

Rob says: “Where Fiz gets this idea that Kirsty’s got it in for her, God only knows.”

Coronation Street viewers will see whether Kirsty gets away with her latest stunt when the scenes air later this year.


Natalie Gumede attends the TV Choice awards 2012 at The Dorchester on September 10, 2012 in London, England.

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Corrie’s Natalie Gumede ‘watched One Born Every Minute as research’

Coronation Street actress Natalie Gumede has revealed that she watched Channel 4 childbirth documentary One Born Every Minute to prepare for her character’s pregnancy storyline.

Gumede, who plays Tyrone Dobbs’s girlfriend Kirsty Soames in the ITV soap, said that she watched hours of the graphic show during her lunch breaks in order to prepare for her upcoming labour scenes.

Tommy heads to the maternity ward to find Kirsty and tells her how lost Tryone has felt since she left


"I’m not a mother, so my preparation for the birth scenes involved watching lots of One Born Every Minute in a blind panic,” she told The Sun.

Because I was trying to fit research in between filming and learning lines, I even watched it while I was eating my dinner, which was a big mistake.”

Viewers will see Kirsty go into labour in the Rovers during an hour-long special tonight. The former policewoman gets into a row with Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan), which leaves her sprawled across a table as her waters break.

TIna and Kirsty fight, Corrie, Sun 9 Sep


"Acting out a birth scene before you are a parent is very daunting because it is something that so many people go through and you can get it wrong," Gumede said.

"Because Kirsty is going through so many emotions during the labour, it could have looked too melodramatic or slapstick. I didn’t want that to happen but I also didn’t want to be too serious and pull focus from all the wonderful things happening in the scene."

The 28-year-old added: “Gloria [played by Sue Johnston] reacts in spectacular style and makes the scene really funny as well as serious. There was so much going on I had to let all my inhibitions go and remember advice I’d been given by real-life mothers.

Tina is shocked to have made Kirsty's water break in the Rovers, and Marcus panics that there isn't enough time to call an ambulance


"The most useful thing I was told was that giving birth is primal. It’s not about shouting and screaming - it’s about the push and the job in hand. You can’t worry about how you sound or how you look. I just hope I’ve managed to get it right."

When asked about her character’s violent past, Gumede admitted that the baby’s arrival doesn’t guarantee domestic peace for Kirsty and Tyrone.

"Kirsty is not a natural mother," she explained. "There is a period of false hope where she and Tyrone hope the problems have gone. But Kirsty’s violent tendencies soon rear their ugly head and things deteriorate when she begins to use their baby as a pawn in their relationship.

"Once she does reverts to type, Tyrone is not only concerned for himself but for the baby too. There is no suggestion that she will hurt their child - but Tyrone doesn’t know that. It will definitely be high-octane drama."

Coronation Street's hour-long special airs tonight at 7pm on ITV1.

Kirsty Soames Part 74 09/09/12 Coronation Street

Kirsty goes into labour in the Rovers during an argument with Tina.

Kirsty Soames Part 73 05/09/12

THE BITCH IS BACK! - Natalie Gumede blog entry

Posted on: September 3rd, 2012 by NatalieGumede

This week sees the return of the early Kirsty that we all know and detest, and I have to say, I loved filming it! It is the countdown to Kirsty’s labour, and while she is waiting for the baby to arrive, she is in a mischievous mood.  We will see her turn her venom away from Tyrone and back towards Tommy and Tina after their previous street showdown. Kirsty does spite and manipulation very well – second only, in fact, to Tracy Barlow! In terms of acting, this was light relief from the heavy emotional scenes I have been playing of late – I was able to detach from the tortured soul that Kirsty has become and hopefully inject some comedy into the story – as dark as the story is!

We’ve just one week to go now until the TV Choice Awards, and as a nominee, I’m very excited!  Whatever the outcome, it will be fantastic to be a part of the show and have one of my scenes played to the rest of the industry. I have my dress, the shoes are on their way to me (please be fabulous!), and I’m looking forward to some decadence at The Dorchester. Wish me luck for no red carpet trip-ups!

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Kirsty Soames Part 72 03/09/12

It’s Kirsty’s due date, but she’s more concerned about making sure that Tommy fulfils his loan repayment. 

Natalie and Ian Puleston-Davies at Manchester Pride

'Coronation Street': Kirsty labour details revealed

Coronation Street star Natalie Gumede has revealed details of Kirsty Soames’s dramatic labour scenes.

Kirsty will give birth at the Rovers Return next month in the aftermath of another huge argument with Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan).

British Soap Awards 2012: Natalie Gumede

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Strictly Come Dancing 2012 - rumoured celebrities: Michelle Keegan

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The scenes see Tina lose her temper upon hearing that she could be left homeless, as a scheming Kirsty has informed house-hunter Julie Carp that Jason Grimshaw is selling his flat.

Gumede told All About Soap: “Tina just goes mad and Kirsty continues to goad her, while playing innocent to the rest of the pub. 

"Tina grabs Kirsty and there’s a scuffle - it’s not a proper fight, but Kirsty falls back on to a table. Tina just wants to make Kirsty listen, because she keeps walking away from her and laughing."

Just after the row has turned physical, both women get more than they had bargained for as Kirsty’s baby is suddenly on the way.
Gumede continued: “It becomes apparent immediately that the baby is coming - the pain is acute and her waters break. Marcus is there and, as a midwife, he’s able to recognise that this tot is going to come pretty quickly. 

"Kirsty’s a very strong character and she’s a tough cookie, while Marcus is great. Tyrone turns up as well, which helps immensely."

After welcoming their daughter Ruby at the pub, Kirsty and Tyrone are taken to hospital with the newborn - and are relieved to hear that mum and baby will both be fine.

However, Tina is left feeling more outcast than ever as the Weatherfield residents are not taking her side in the long-running feud.

Gumede said: “Tina’s painted as the bad guy - from the outside, it looks like she’s attacked a pregnant lady. But Kirsty won’t be happy until she knows where Tyrone is every minute of the day.”

Coronation Street airs Kirsty’s labour scenes on Sunday, September 9 on ITV1. 

Alan Halsall at Tyrone Dobbs (Coronation Street)


Corrie actor Charlie Condou